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Mirror Image Fashions by J.Kleinbauer
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Mirror Image Fashions by J.Kleinbauer
Fine apparel, elegant fashions, custom-made clothing and accessories for men and women, all delivered with the J.Kleinbauer reputation for service and attention to detail. 
We've Moved to Danville
After watching years of growing traffic delays on the main routes into Selinsgrove, we've decided to move our store to Danville, which is a more convenient crossroads for most of our customers.
Our relocation was completed in late January, and we're now re-opened as "Mirror Image Fashions by J.Kleinbauer."  We have the same staff, tailors, seamstresses, designers and vendors helping take care of all of your professional wardrobe needs.
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295 Mill St.
Danville, PA 17821

J.Kleinbauer Open in Danville 

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Phone: 1-800-326-9804