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Custom Made Formalwear


J.Kleinbauer's offers a full range of tuxedo styles for sale.  We carry tuxedo lines from a variety of designers, including Jack Victor, H.Freeman, and PBM.  Many gentlemen, though, prefer to have tuxedos made specifically for them, rather than select from an off-the-rack option.  Their reasons might be due to unusual size requirements, fit, comfort, or simply their desire to select from exclusive fabrics and styling options.  We work with H.Freeman & Son, based in Westminster, MD., to help us make suits and tuxedos to custom order.

We also carry formalwear components and accessories, such as formal shirts, bowties, ties, vests, cummerbunds, and jewelry, from several designers, including Robert Talbott, Carrot & Gibbs, and Gitman Bros. As with your tuxedo, you may select to have your formal shirt made specifically for you.  We provide custom-made formal shirts from both Robert Talbott and Individualized Shirts.


Advantages to Purchasing a Custom-Made Tuxedo

> Greater selection and variety.
> Always having a tuxedo ready for last-minute events.
> The tuxedo is made to your specific preferences and body sizes. It does not matter that you have longer arms, shorter legs, a fuller body, etc.  A custom suit is made to accommodate all of the features that make you unique.
> A well made tuxedo can be altered over time, to accommodate the ebbs and flows of your own body sizes. (within reason....)
> A custom made tuxedo offers many more styling options, including fabrics, colors, textures, styling details, and construction.
> Tuxedo styling is classic and timeless; your tuxedo will provide many years of service, depending on usage.
> Changing the look of your tuxedo can be as simple as purchasing a different tie, bowtie, vest, or cummerbund, changing the color or texture to suit your preference at the time.
> Never spend the day after a fun event returning your rented tuxedo!


Tuxedo suits, which will include the jacket and trousers, will range in price from $900 to $2,300.  The higher prices reflect both higher quality fabrics, selection, and construction.  The other components of a complete formal outfit, which includes a formal shirt, tie or bowtie, vest or cummerbund, and jewelry, will add an additional $250 - $350 to the cost of your outfit.  The only other component you may need are shoes, but since many gentlemen already have a pair of nice dress shoes, it is often not necessary to purchase a pair strictly for your formal outfit.  If you do need a pair of formal shoes, you should plan on spending about $300 to $350 for a nice pair of shoes from our Allen Edmonds line.


The Process

If you desire to purchase a tuxedo, it is best to contact one of the wardrobe consultants at J.Kleinbauer's well in advance of needing the outfit.  Our designers will need between 4-6 weeks to make your custom tuxedo or formal shirt, in addition to the time we'll need to take your initial measurements and make any final adjustments.  Clearly, a custom-made tuxedo is a process that should be started long before you actually need the outfit.




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